The Power of One Word

What can one little word do?  Some words are loosely held and seized by scattering winds as soon as they are spoken so they are instantly forgotten.  Other words take up residence in our hearts and we find ourselves whispering them in still moments, holding their shape and sounds in our minds. 

A word has just as much power as we give it.

It has become a common practice to choose one word at the beginning of the new year, thanks to Ali Edwards.  A word that calls to us, draws us closer, seems like a next-step fit. This word can be a fixed star, guiding us to the place (literally or figuratively) we want to be.  Or it can act as a docent, gently guiding us as we move and change throughout the months. It is an intentional practice that helps initiate the new year and claim our stake in the days ahead.

Last year I started making handwritten cards (almost 100 of them!) with your words – sweet, simple reminders of the potential these promise.  Cards intended to be kept close to you throughout the year.  Cards that can be hung on a bulletin board or bathroom mirror, framed, used as a bookmark, taped in a journal, given to a friend (with her chosen word) as a gift. 

I want to continue this offering for 2019 – your word, handwritten on a Fabriano Mediovalis single card with matching envelope, slipped inside another envelope and mailed to you.  Five dollars, postage included.

be sure to give me your word - either in PayPal purchase or at

*If you don’t have a word yet or are unsure how to approach this process, Susannah Conway has a wonderful tutorial here.