Beneath the Surface...


There is no “right” way to experience this holiday season.

Now that the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are done and the leftovers are packed into the fridge, we are suddenly, fully immersed in the Christmas season.   Ready or not, excited or hesitant, love it or dread it - it's here.

For the next  31 days, we will receive many suggestions, strong and subtle, for how to celebrate - what to buy, the way to feel, how to prepare, foods to eat, and so on.  It's almost impossible not to take notice and avoid those twinges of heavy expectations that are all around us.

I've been through a lot of holiday seasons.  The magic ones as a child, the confusing years as I tried to decipher what it was all about, the times in which loss left holes in my heart that were too big to mend, and the years I scrambled to do everything in order to insure a perfect experience for all.  Whew! 

I know you have your own stories of attempts to find the right formula to make this time of year look and feel like a Currier and Ives' holiday greeting card.  Maybe you've come to a place that is comfortable in all this.  Or maybe you are still searching for what will work for you (and your family) and are wondering how you are going to approach it this year.  Either way, your intentions are soft and holy.

The longing for peace and the subsequent search for meaning are the inspirations for my first zine:  Beneath the Surface of the Holiday Season.

In case you are not familiar with these, a zine is a type of magazine, usually handmade, that typically focuses on a specialized or unconventional subject matter.

This zine is 16 pages of hand-drawn inspiration for making this time of year less rote and more YOU!  It offers suggestions, facts, quotes and prompts that lead you to connect to the spirit of the holidays in a more personal, authentic manner.  It  is a brief reminder that you have choices in a one-size-fits-all commercial world.

Your zine will be mailed to you on November 30 (or to someone you wish to gift it to - I will enclose a note letting them know who it is from.)  

The $10.00 price includes postage and lots of little extra surprises I have put into each copy to make it unique.  (aren't you curious what yours will be like?!)

I have made a limited number of this zine and have already sold half of them so order yours now before they are all claimed.

Who is this for?

  • Those who feel a little ambivalent or overwhelmed by the holiday season

  • People who love December and Christmas but wish to connect to it in a more authentic manner

  • Zine fans and collectors

  • Lovers of handmade products

  • Supporters of small, independent artists and makers

  • Creators, journalers and those who like to color

  • Anyone who seeks to be inspired and live a more examined, intentional life

  • YOU


Please contact me if you have questions or would like to order one for someone other than yourself (I'll enclose a small gift card!)  Email:

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