Dear YOU ...

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A zine about celebrating the day you were born.

·      Completely handwritten, drawn, and bound

·      20 pages (including cover), each page 8.5 x 11.5" (A5 size)



·      Interesting facts, inspirational quotes and fun ideas

·      Hand drawn graphics

·      Journal Prompts / Thought Fodder

·      Black and white images that can be colored or personalized

·      Lots of fun extras placed inside

Makes a great gift for friends, family, coworkers or yourself!

I have made a limited number of this zine so when they are gone, they’re gone.  Order yours today!

The price is only $14.00 and includes shipping. 


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What is a zine?

  • a zine is a magazine; a noncommercial, often handmade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and/or unconventional subject matter

Who is this for?

  • Someone who wants to gift a bit more than a greeting card for a friend or family member's birthday

  • People who may be a bit reluctant about celebrating their birthday

  • Anyone who loves celebration, ritual, and traditions

  • Zine fans and collectors

  • Lovers of handmade products

  • Supporters of small, independent artists and makers

  • Creators, journalers and those who like to color

  • Those who seek to be inspired and live a more examined, intentional life

  • YOU!


Every copy is unique;  the basic format is the same but each copy is filled with different adornments and surprises.  Aren't you curious about the one waiting for you?!


Please contact me if you have questions or would like to order one for someone other than yourself (I'll enclose a small gift card!)