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Beautiful things, difficult things and all-that's-in-between things.

I know that there are worlds within you - vast, complex, wonderful spaces that are uniquely yours.

And I know that you and everyone in your life would benefit if you expressed yourself on paper by journaling with words, images, or both.

Journaling is a powerful catalyst for good vibes. It is a practice that can deepen your roots into this rich life. I am here to help you develop your own path to creatively bridging all you have inside to a safe haven you can hold in your hands.

I know you are ready to join me in exploring this practice.


Invitations to the Deep End

- Messages for thinking, questioning, dreaming-


unique, hand lettered cards sent to you

for displaying or using in your journal




Frozen Summer Treats...

A cherry popsicle is the perfect embellishment on a hot summer afternoon.  Here is a card for any mid-year occasion or just to say "hi."  Brighten someone's day by sending this greeting in the mail, or place it on a co-workers desk, or slip it into a lunchbox. 

Summer is all about the good vibes - let's Pass them on!

Just click on the link below or the image to the right, print on cardstock, cut the paper in half (there are 2 cards per page) and put into a size A2 envelope. 


August Journal Prompts / Inserts
Here is a page to print, color or paint, fill out, cut apart and put into your journal.  
Or just use it for inspiration and create your own August journal pages.  
Enjoy these last days of summer by making the most of them.  
Get your free page here.

Summer Plans...

There are so many fun things to do in the summer season:  make lemonade, nap in a hammock, send postcards, go star-gazing, construct a sand castle, etc.  Write down those activities you don't want to miss with this Summer To-Do List and hang it somewhere as a reminder to cherish this time.

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