April is National Poetry Month and I am celebrating by offering Poetic Glimmers.


Poetic Glimmers is 30 days of poetry and images,

all hand-lettered and drawn by me,

delivered to your inbox each morning. 

What you will receive:

  • Each morning in April, you will be emailed a piece of poetry with some illustration.
  • There will be a link so that you can download and print the image to color, display, or share.  Each piece will be the size of a half sheet of paper, 8.5" x 5.5".  If you prefer to save paper, there will be a link for two pieces every even day of the month (the poem for that day and the day before.)
  • There will also be a link to the complete poem and the book/anthology it appears in (if available.)

More about the poems:

  • Poetic Glimmers includes a wide range of poets from the classical to the contemporary
  • The subject matter of these poems is also varied and diverse - life, love, dreams, sorrow, nature, relationships, etc.
  • Some of the poems are more familiar but my hope is that you will also discover some new favorites.

Poetic Glimmers is for:

  • anyone who already loves poetry
  • those who want to love and know more about poetry
  • people who would like to be inspired daily (since the news can be so depressing, it is nice to get an enlightening message in your email feed each day.)
  • coloring and colorbook enthusiasts - there are images to color on each piece
  • language lovers: readers, writers, poets
  • the participants of December Glimmers - if you enjoyed that, you will LOVE Poetic Glimmers
  • thinkers, philosophers, wonderers - poetry contains much to be pondered

The Why of Poetic Glimmers:

  • to give journalers (written and art) a prompt to respond to;  also these pages put together and colored would make a complete journal
  • as a way to share some of my favorite poems that I believe others will enjoy
  • to celebrate this often overlooked genre of literature
  • as a positive response to the negativity in the world at this current time
  • to encourage others to take a deep breathe and think about the words as a way of caring for the self

The cost for this offering is just $10.00 which adds up to only 33 cents a day! 

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you are purchasing this to gift someone else, please email me (Laurie@loneblackbird.com) and let me know the recipient's name and email.